Telecom Support

In a world of managed IT services, to ensure 24x7x365 uptime it is paramount to have technical teams that keep an eye on all monitored endpoints. Managed services are gaining traction because of the overbearing financial pressure on companies to manage dynamic, multi-partner, multi-protocol networks. Brahmanet's fully scoped solution for the delivery of Network Operational Services will provide you with hassle-free monitoring and remediation of servers, networks, applications, databases, and workstations. Our model employs a network operating center, field services, and a strong performance monitoring framework. As a telecom or cable operator, HFC, DOCSIS, or IP networks assume critical importance. Customer frustration due to an outage can negatively impact brand perception. Our engineers identify and resolve network problems before they can impact business functionality and productivity. Consider us an extension to your team, allowing you to better focus on other critical business operations.

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  • Application software installations, troubleshooting, and updating.
  • Firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS) monitoring and management.
  • Network discovery and assessments.
  • Backup and storage management.
  • Email management services.
  • Performance reporting and improvement recommendations.
  • Optimization and quality of service reporting.
  • Antivirus scanning and remediation.
  • Patch management and whitelisting.
  • Voice and video traffic management.
  • Policy enforcement.
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Server Administration

Server problems are notoriously frustrating and expensive. Your server is the heart of your network, and the impact of them failing can be devastating to your business. So it goes without saying that protecting your server against hardware failures and software threats assumes the utmost importance. Regular preventive maintenance is a crucial step toward achieving resilience and consistency. But for many businesses today, investing in expensive monitoring tools and experienced staff for 24x7 maintenance of servers just isn't cost-effective. This leaves key applications and core business processes vulnerable. The impact of failing servers or storage devices can be devastating to your business. Brahmanet understands how potential server issues can impact your customers, users, and employees. Our support and maintenance services ensure that you have a contingency plan, with escalation procedures to recover and restore operations as quickly as possible. With a proactive approach to reducing downtime and flexible coverage, Brahmanet ensures that your servers continue to operate at peak performance. For post-warranty break-fix support on your mission-critical servers, Brahmanet offers exceptional server maintenance support 24/7 (remote or on-site), and flexible coverage to keep your business up and running at all times.

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  • Installation of security updates.
  • Applying necessary service and software updates.
  • Applying Security Policies.
  • Redundancy Checks.
  • Configuration changes as desired by the customer.
  • Performing Security Checks and Updates.
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam configuration.
  • Restoring files from backup.

Monitoring & Support

We take great pride in our after development support services. We employ an Agile approach to ensure product enhancement, regular maintenance, and seamless functioning. We do regular security audits, code backups, and constant upgradation. We also monitor the traffic and server load to optimize it accordingly. Brahmanet's expert NOC engineers focus on the health of your network, servers, and applications so that you can focus on your business. Leverage our team’s technical and business expertise across a breadth of technology platforms and industries. If you're an MSP, you have a growing business where up-time is important. Without the staff or resources to build a NOC of your own, you'll need a partner to remotely and intelligently monitor your customer networks all day, every day. Our remote monitoring platform can monitor any network equipment, application, or database hosted locally or virtually. Our team handles all configuration, customization, administration, monitoring of alarms, their resolution, and maintenance. Our team constantly updates their skills to identify anomalous activities and to be more proactive in dealing with security threats. We are perfectly capable of multi-tenant support. Each end customer will have their own unique monitoring space and alerts.

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