Windows 10 creators update

The new Windows 10 Creators Update focuses more on innovation and productivity -- new tab management features and more in Microsoft Edge, and enhanced security features such as a new Microsoft privacy dashboard. With this, your desktops and apps look the same, as there are many small improvements on the overview.

If your device is eligible for the Windows 10 Creator update, you will be prompted to make some changes on your privacy settings before the installation of Creators Update can install. If you have a Windows 10 PC and have enabled the automatic updates option, the update will be delivered to you Over the Air (OTA).

The biggest recipient of visible changes is probably the Edge browser. In a nod to the Windows 8 immersive browser, the tab bar can be expanded to show nice little previews of all your open tabs, and there's a new "set aside" feature that lets you stash away all the current tabs as a group, and then load them all up again later. The built-in Night Light mode makes it easier to work after dark by reducing the amount of blue light on your monitor. You can now use Windows Ink to mark up your photos and videos.

Paint 3D, an evolution of the classic Paint app in three dimensions, is the highlight of the Creators Update. Just like the original version (which is still available in Windows 10), it's basically a blank canvas for doodling. But it's also much more full-featured, since creating 3D objects isn't as simple as 2D drawings.

The Creators Update also introduces a new Game Mode into Windows 10. Simply put, it prioritizes your system resources whenever you're playing a supported game. While not causing a huge increase in frame rates or performance, Game Mode will ensure higher peak performance as well as more-consistent frame rates.

Windows 10 has been criticized for rebooting for updates at awkward times. Now updates can be snoozed for several days, and active hours, during which it shouldn't reboot, have been expanded to cover 18 hours per day, rather than 12 in the previous version. All updates can be paused for up to seven days, and the eventual reboots can be scheduled as well.


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