Brahmanet offers you a unique training program that is exceptionally valuable in building better careers. Unlike traditional classroom trainings; here you get the hands-on experience on the latest technologies. Through the course of which, you can hone your skillset to thrive in today’s highly competitive and rewarding world of programming.

Highlights of Brahmanet Training
  • Trainees at Brahmanet are treated the same as any full-time employee with regular work hours and responsibilities.
  • There will be no test projects to complete or classroom training sessions, rather we adopt a ‘learn as you go’ approach. From day one, you will be inducted into a team handling a live project and receive hands on experience.
  • The projects presented to you are unique opportunities as we deal with prominent national and international clients.
  • You can avail the help of professional experts with 10+ years’ experience in various arenas to guide and mentor you throughout the training program.
  • Training is offered on latest technologies like React Native, Angular, Android, iOS, Magento and Ecommerce development.
  • Professional experience certificates will be provided at the end of the stipulated training period.
What we are looking for
  • Self-motivated and adaptive candidates who learn on the go.
  • Positive outlook and visible commitment towards the work presented.
  • Candidates must have a passion for programming.
  • Must possess good analytical and computing skills.

We believe that the best candidates are those who have the right attitude, are willing to work hard in building their skills and displayings constant improvement. We ensure that through our training program, you gain the value addition to build a brighter career.


Our technical capabilities are developed to encompass the changing world; its growing
diversities and complexities.

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