In a world that is highly connected and driven by technology, top business performers make the necessary investments to set themselves apart from their competitors. They are constantly on the lookout for best practices for delivering sustained business value and operational superiority. One activity that sets such winners apart is that they use outsourcing to seek out and capitalize on the most efficient ways to use their resources. They aim to gain strategic capabilities they don’t have in-house, or to strengthen capabilities they do have. Outsourcing is an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages when executed as part of an overall sourcing strategy.


<span>FULL SPECTRUM</span> <strong>OF SERVICES</strong>

Our goal is to ensure that our IT outsourcing services appropriately integrate into your business strategy, as it stands today and as it evolves over time. Brahmanet offers a full spectrum of application development, enterprise consulting and development, IT maintenance and support services. Our flexible contracting arrangements combined with nearshore, offshore and onshore delivery capabilities means first-class support and a wide delivery network.

Brahmanet’s cost-effective outsourcing delivery model balances global reach with local accountability and delivery excellence. Our services are highly industrialized, and based on industry-standard best practices.


When you partner with BrahmaNet, just like our multiple clients across the globe, you work with the highest quality development talent. Time zones are no barrier for us; we have worked with clients across multiple time zones, smartly adapting our processes, delivery approach, and resource plans to fully match your industry niche, organization, and business strategy.

  • Expertise in wide range of technological platforms.
  • Provision for high-end infrastructure with capability to handle projects of any volume.
  • State of the art technical expertise and skill sets acquired from global IT work exposure
  • Provision for immediate custom solutions/troubleshooting to IT problems of any kind.
  • Highly trained and skilled IT workforce.
  • Effective management of time zone variation.
  • Save better with added cost benefits in manpower, technology and infrastructure.
  • Easy/Better access to specialized services
  • Effective scaling up & down of IT operations.
  • Reduced output delivery time.

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Kochi has made a name for itself as a preferred outsourcing location due to the availability of a rich talent pool and access to advanced infrastructure at costs significantly lower than the global average. Brahmanet’s offices are located in the heart of the versatile commercial map of Kochi. Our access to top-class infrastructure and technology translates to significantly lower total cost of ownership for our clients. 


Brahmanet has experience in working with clients in every part of the world across multiple time zones. We implement a great deal of flexibility when it comes to communicating with our clients according to their convenience. Our offices are also equipped with multiple channels of communication and high speed internet connectivity to ensure that clients are stayed updated at all times on the latest status of projects and deliverables.


Brahmanet team consists of personnel acclaimed for their work in the IT industry. We maintain a skilled talent pool from every IT service niche. This ensures that we are always equipped to actively respond to any IT outsourcing project involving any technology. Brahmanet has also partnered with niche leaders in the IT industry to provide advanced technical support for several of our large-scale mission critical outsourcing projects.

We pride ourselves on not only delivering the results you expect, but also being accountable and easy to work with. Out IT outsourcing services help you leverage technology as a key business and growth enabler. We are committed to deliver measurable, sustainable business results and a better customer experience. By partnering with Brahmanet, you gain an added competitive differentiator in terms of quality-cost ratio of services delivered.

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Our technical capabilities are developed to encompass the changing world; its growing
diversities and complexities.

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